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At Walt Fair, PLLC, we understand the intricacies and nuances of investor transactions. Investors require a title company with an expert title team which also serves as advocates for their interests. Walt Fair, PLLC’s business model is designed to serve in those roles.

Investors often present us with transactions involving difficult issues, such as heirship and title problems. We are uniquely positioned to resolve such matters and enable investors to make the tough deals happen.


Attorney owned has its advantages. Walt Fair, PLLC is built for investor business. In order to close all the unique deals investors find, we prepare all our documents internally. Because we have an internal legal team, we can handle standard transactions, amendments, and unique situations that may arise during the closing process. Being an investor requires a title company with great flexibility and expertise. We provide both.


Our escrow officers provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise in closing real estate transactions. Because we close hundreds of transactions each month, our experienced escrow staff recognizes title issues and works with our in-house attorneys to resolve them. Our attorney-led title team provides you with an expertise far exceeding that offered by other title companies.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable escrow staff can facilitate the following:

• Wraparound transactions
• Contract assignment closings
• Flip closings (provided each closes and funds separately)
• Attorney-drafted special provisions and custom document templates
• Separate closing statements

Partner with our team today and gain from our experience. Let us help close your real estate transaction today. Connect with our legal team or over the phone at (254) 772-6400.


“I am a consumer/investor/remodeler who has dealt with Walt Fair and the ladies of his title company for many years. Walt Fair is not only a brilliant real estate lawyer whose opinions are sought by Realtors and other title companies, but he employs professional closers and other office staff. Walt Fair's office uncovers minutiae that would likely have been overlooked by other title companies. Also, Walt Fair is easy to reach and easy to talk to. I phoned him one time and caught him dressing to go to dinner on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. I give Walt Fair, PLLC five stars because the quality of work and ease of doing business with them is exceptional.”
~M.W., Real Estate Investor

“As an Investor, Walt Fair and his team have become invaluable to my business. I routinely refer to Walt Fair, PLLC as the "go-to" Title Company and real estate law firm. Investors should look no further and add Walt Fair, PLLC to their real estate investment team.”
~G.R., Real Estate Investor

“As a real estate investor, there are few things in my process as important as a solid team at my title company. Walt has the perfect balance in his office of detail-oriented escrow officers, solid communicating escrow assistants, and, when you need it, the legal expertise to get the hard deals done.”
~J.G., Real Estate Investor

“Walt and his staff have handled many investment transactions for me and my family members over the years and have always done a great job.”
~D.D., Real Estate Broker and Investor

“Go-to attorney and title company for real estate investors.”
~P.P., Real Estate Broker, Investor, and Property Manager


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